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At this time of year, the holidays bring bustle to the bustling metropolis of Mexico City, Mexico, and the festivities, unsurprisingly, have a huge impact on the city and its residents.

This festival began as a cultural event that brought artists from all over the world to a picturesque village northeast of Mexico City. Today, it is an equally established event that brings together some of the best artists on the Latin American music scene.

Mexico has an ancient archaeological site, Teotihuacan, 45 minutes northeast of Mexico City. This former Aztec city, known as Mexico's Tenochtitlan, grew into Mesoamerica's most powerful city until it was called "Mexico City" by the Spaniards who conquered the region.

Over time, the cultural scene in Mexico City has evolved and the festival is now a vibrant historical center that includes a variety of cultural events such as concerts, dance performances, art exhibitions and much more. On the Day of the Dead, Mexico City hosts several events, including the annual Aztec Festival, Teotihuacan's largest cultural event, and Mexico's National Day of Mourning. In Mexico City, the fun activities during the Day of the Dead include a boat ride, carnival, art show and fireworks, but there are also many other activities that everyone can participate in.

Join the many celebrations of the Day of the Dead that take place in the neighborhoods of the colony of Mexico City, such as the Aztec Festival, the largest cultural event in Teotihuacan, and Mexico's National Day.

There are a number of major annual events that can really spice up your visit to Mexico City, such as the Aztec Festival, Teotihuacan Festival and National Day of the Dead.

Mixquic and other cemeteries in Mexico are frequently visited on the Day of the Dead, and details will be announced once the 2021 tour is announced. On the Mexico City Culture website you will find a schedule of events, some of which are free. Until then, read our guide to what is best for Mexico City's Day of the Dead. Mexican culture, food, drink, music, art, history, culture and more, as well as what to do during the day in and out of Mexico City.

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Mexico City Plastimagen Mexico, represented by the largest plastics company in Mexico and one of the largest in the world, is an event designed to meet the needs of 30,000 visitors seeking innovation and solutions for their businesses. This is the first of its kind in Mexico and the only one specializing in wind energy. It provides an opportunity to discuss the latest developments in wind energy and wind technology with industry leaders.

In March 2019, Design Can Do Live will position Mexico as one of the world's leading design centers for the next generation of designers in Mexico City. In partnership with Reinventing Mexico, the WDCD is hosting a three-day event in the heart of the Mexican capital. WD CD Live Mexico City is a collaboration between the World Design Center of Design (WDDC) and the Reinvented Mexico Foundation, whose mission is to promote social and technological innovation in Mexico.

In Mexico City, the Day of the Dead tends to be extended to three days a year when the day is linked to the weekend, when it has not yet been officially announced, but in some years is linked to a weekend. In the case of this year's event, it will begin with a parade through the capital on Friday 26 October.

Mexico City offers a wide range of activities to keep you happy and busy all year round, and there are also many festivals and events for children as well as a variety of other activities for adults. One of the most popular attractions in Mexico City, with over 1.5 million visitors a year, is that it hosts some of Mexico's most famous cultural events, such as the Aztecs, the Bolivar and the Zapotecs. There are also a large number of museums, galleries, museums and other cultural institutions in the city.

The Mexican architect Fernando Romero designed the Soumaya Museum, which is one of the most visited in Mexico City. With over 150 museums, Mexico City is a great destination for anyone who wants to learn about Mexico's history, people and culture. The Museo SouMaya is the best museum in the city with a wide selection of exhibitions, galleries, museums and other cultural institutions.

Below Mexico City is the Templo Mayor, one of the most important buildings in the city and the birthplace of President Enrique Pena Nieto. It is a fitting tribute, as it all took place in a historic center of Mexico City, built by the founder of what is now Mexico, Miguel Angel Mancera de la Torre. The Templos Mayor is the oldest and most famous building of its kind in Latin America and Mexico.

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