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The most authentic food in the capital is the corn-based cuisine of the Aztecs, who ruled their empire in Mexico City for over 2,000 years. I have compiled this list based on personal experience and will present you the best restaurants and mainly street food I have tasted during my visit. Here you have it, a list of some of the most famous restaurants in Mexico, most of them in the capital city of Mexico.

The Chinese population of Mexico City has adapted to create a variety of dishes that have become indispensable over the years, such as chicken, pork, beef, lamb, fish, chicken and pork.

There are also tacos filled with savory stews, but the shapes are slightly different and apparently this is mainly a Mexico City thing. The quesadillas were what my friend recommended when she first came to Mexico City, and I always warned her about them. If you expected them to get cheese, you would be bitterly disappointed, so remember that cheese is in the cheese you get in your Quedadilla order.

In Mexico City, street food is what you have to do, but you will want to make sure you eat safely and not get sick. This is my guide to where to eat in Mexico City, and I hope it gives you a good idea of some of the things you need to eat when you're in Mexico City.

Mexico City is a food and drink paradise, with street food in every corner of the city, from the most popular restaurants to street food in the suburbs. There is no such thing as bad street food in Mexico City, as this guide celebrates the best and most delicious street food in the country.

Perfect for taco-obsessed foodies, this taco tour is a great way to sample some of the best tacos Mexico City is famous for. This walk is the perfect opportunity to sample a variety of traditional Mexican dishes, with a special focus on the good locally owned restaurants in Mexico City. Good options for the gluten-free foodie Mexico City has some great ways to behave.

The beauty of this dish in Mexico City is that it is made from white and blue corn dough, a species native to central Mexico and therefore the freshest and most tasty in all of Mexico. Do not let the colors get you down, use a variety of different maize varieties, such as white, blue, red, green, yellow and red.

If you're looking for delicious enchiladas in Mexico City, locals recommend La Casa Las Enchilsadas. I take that when I'm on my ultimate taco tour of Mexico City, and it's one of the city's most popular dishes.

Prendes has been Mexico City's most important restaurant for decades, and anyone who is will eat at PreNDes. Mexican cuisine is "taco - ed" (meaning that anything can become taco at any time), and it is perhaps the only dish that is truly associated with the capital itself. Taco canasta means "basket of tacos," a batch of cooked ideas that seem to have originated in Mexico City. In Mexico, all food is taco-ing, but Mexican slang for "city" may be just one dish that really connects the city to its capital.

If you really want to eat like a local in Mexico City, you can eat anything and everything. Book a ticket to CDMX and start threading lists of restaurants in and around Mexico City. Some of these restaurants are not technically in Mexico City (Teotihuacan will most likely end up on your itinerary anyway), but they are still great.

The Chicharron taco is definitely one of my favorites in Mexico City, and apparently it's the best tortilla I've ever made. I went to the Roma Norte district of Mexico City where I lived and was full of customers who ordered. This is probably the worst tortillas I've ever had in Mexico City, more than anything I've ever had in my life.

In Mexico City, there are two types of tamales: those wrapped in corn skins and those wrapped in banana leaves. These are fried and topped with a delicious filling and are found throughout Mexico City. I found out that they add more flour tortilla flour to the corn tortillas, but there are only a few that are far from Mexico City, which is fantastic.

Caldo Tlalpeno is most associated with the traditional food of Mexico City and is a popular and widely available option. Eno "is a restaurant that happens to be one of the most popular restaurants in the city, with a wide range of food and great prices.

The multilingual chef, who has been trying to show the world Mexico's wonderful tourist attractions, has published hundreds, perhaps millions, of tacos that are eaten all over his country. He says there is no other place in Mexico City to eat a taco carnita than the city itself. After researching social media and traveling and cooking and looking for great places to eat tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas, Jesus "love of Mexico cannot compete with his love of Mexican food.

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