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It's an incredibly fun and lively city, but where do you stay in Mexico City? Before we talk about the best hotels in Mexico City, let's talk about where you are staying and what kind of hotel you are staying in. I will give you a brief overview of where you can stay depending on your wishes, as well as some tips on which hotels to stay in the city, if any.

If you are in Mexico City to enjoy the history and culture of this great city, the location, which is pretty much right near the Centro Historico and Zocalo Square, is unbeatable. The Hotel Downtown Mexico is one of the best hotels in Mexico City and certainly the most popular hotel in Mexico City.

Located in the historic district of Mexico City, part of the old town declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, it is undoubtedly the best area to orient yourself and see that the history of Mexico City is fascinating and that it is the oldest capital of America. Let's start with a look at Mexico's ancient treasures and excavations to reveal different layers of the city's history.

The city is also home to the Pioneros de Cancun, who play in La Liga MX, the second tier of professional football in Mexico. It is located on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, a short drive from Mexico City and the city's main airport.

For connoisseurs looking for a personal introduction to designers and artists, you can organize a private tour. Mexico offers private tours for up to 10 people for $50 an hour, for 30 days only. As someone who has actually lived there, no one knows the pros and cons of Mexico City better than I do. I give you lots of money - savings suggestions and tips, as well as some of my personal experiences.

Look for something that stretches over 25 floors in the heart of Polanco, and you can also visit the most famous buildings of the city such as Plaza de Mayo or relax on a boat in a floating garden in Xochimilco. The rooms may be on the small side, but the luxury and spotless cleanliness ensure a very comfortable stay. This should be a unique - or friendly - experience, not only for the hotel's guests, but also for visitors.

There are many restaurants, and the Hotel Catedral also offers guests a free bicycle, which allows them to easily walk around some of the coolest places in Mexico City. Guests can also pay extra to make their way to the adults - just spa that has killer views of Mexico City. Staying at the Stanza you can visit all the cool places in Mexico City, including El Muro, which is just a short walk away, and the famous Plaza de Mayo.

If you're more into lemonade than champagne, there are plenty of great hostels to choose from. If you prefer private rooms with a touch of luxury on your trip, hotels in Mexico City will not disappoint. The abundance of boutique hotels in Polanco make it one of the most popular destinations in the city. Enjoy some of the most important business districts with the best restaurants and shops this city has to offer, as well as a great shopping street.

The exclusive quality of the hotels in Mexico City is reflected in the fact that all of these facilities have 4 stars. Guests who have stayed here have rated NH Hotels Mexico City as one of the best hotels, which is known to be a guaranteed unique experience when booking a private room in one of the hotels.

The best hotels in the Mexican capital are all here, but some of the best hotels in the city are also in Roma. Hostels in the Roma of Mexico City abound, and they host guests from all over the world.

Some of the hotels in Mexico City have meeting facilities, making them ideal for business meetings, conferences and other events. Some of these hotels are located in the city centre, such as the Plaza de Mayo Hotel, the Hotel de la Paz or the Hotel de los Angeles. The hotel is home to a variety of restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, restaurants and restaurants.

Mexico City is a bustling metropolis and offers a range of accommodation options for visitors ranging from budget to upscale. Whether you are a business traveler or a tourist, where locals like to hang out with friends and family in the city center, or just stay with friends or two in the city, Mexico City also offers accommodations for all types of travelers. Finally, the Hotel de la Reforma, located just off Paseo de los Reformas, is a good choice for those looking for accommodation in and around the city centre. The Hotel del Puebla and the Plaza de Mayo Hotel, both with a swimming pool.

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