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Hyatt Regency Mexico City offers a unique blend of Eastern and Western influences, with Asian elements scattered throughout the hotel. At first glance, it is hard to imagine that someone who is not from Mexico City would choose to stay here for business. Latin American-Asian fusion scenario at Hyatts Regencies, the combination of the hotel's location and its location in the heart of the Mexican capital.

We had excellent service when we casually talked to Francisco about restaurants and activities nearby and then talked to him about his favorite restaurants in Mexico City. As someone who has stayed at this hotel before, I am sure we all told each other about the great food, great service and fantastic views of the city.

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A variety of items, buffet style, helped to pour out a cup of good coffee, or you could request a pot of tea. It was equipped with a kettle and a Nespresso machine in case you needed to be caffeinated.

Smoked trout and salmon were served alongside various cheeses, but my favourite was the sweet aged papaya and watermelon. It gave me a glimpse of summer, and although it doesn't happen in New York City, I'm glad it does. Apart from food, what I liked most was that I always felt like I was starting the morning with a cup of coffee and a glass of wine, which I don't usually do at the hotel.

Uss is located on the 25th floor and offers a great view of the city, which was made especially one morning before sunrise. One evening, after I had finished hanging out, I wanted to try the bar that served the traditional Aztec drink Pulque. The concierge led me upstairs and sent me to the bar on the top floor, where a man in his 30s greeted me.

In the bedroom, a burning orange couch stood by the window with spectacular views of Mexico City. The bed was delicious and I worked in it for the first time in a long time, although I am not a big fan of linens.

The food in the restaurants and even the Executive Club was very good, excellent, and here I got to see how Mexico's one percent lives. The lobby of the hotel, called Rulfo's, offers the only "Mexican" food you can eat in Mexico City, where the upper middle class dominates. It has the best restaurants in this city, if not the world, but it won't satisfy your hunger for crumbled colonial facades and mariachi music.

The beautiful National Anthropological Museum is just a short walk away, as are the National Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology and the Museo Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (National Archaeological Museum).

The Mexico City version of the Hyatt Regency, housed in the similarly composite Intercontinental, is likely to be a typical Mexico City tourist experience. In a previous life, the building actually housed a Japanese-style hotel, and traces of this style have remained, although I have not tried any. There is no business-oriented hotel in Mexico that is authentic Mexican. Nevertheless, it can be a nice addition to the sprawling metropolis of hotels, restaurants, shops and restaurants.

I really enjoyed and appreciated what the staff did to me in my short five minutes. Although the hotel informed me of my arrival in good time, I was greeted by the butler Francisco, as if he had been waiting for me since the early morning. The indoor pool is awkwardly placed and used to be a private pool that was not part of the main pool area of the Hyatt Regency.

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