The Greatest Food Debates of Our Generation

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One of the biggest memes of the last few years has been the new-age question: Is a Pop-Tart a ravioli? What seems like a joke that originated from a Tumblr post actually brings up a valid question. Is any sort of food item that has an outer shell that fully envelopes a filling a ravioli or a dumpling? Some claim yes, and have labeled as ravioli everything from toaster pastries to Uncrustables to humans. However, others stick to the dictionary definition of this dish and say it's strictly a small circle or square of pasta that is stuffed with meat or cheese. A Pop-Tart is a hand pie.

Which chicken wing is better: drum or flat?

Not all chicken wings are created equal, even among the best Buffalo wings in America. Just how some people prefer a cake slice with a lot of frosting and others prefer an interior piece, some people like the little drums in a plate of chicken wings and others like the flats. Like many great debates, people took to Twitter to debate drums vs. flats. Drum proponents like the easier eating that comes with that shape, while flat proponents like the breading-to-skin-to-chicken ratio.

How do you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

Making a PB&J should literally be the easiest thing in the world. You take two pieces of bread, slather them in peanut butter and jelly and then move on. But apparently there is more than one way to do everything, including making a basic sandwich. Some people will take one piece of bread, add peanut butter, put jelly on top of the peanut butter and then add the final slice of bread. Others will put peanut butter on one slice of bread, put jelly on the second slice of bread and then bring the two pieces together.


How crispy should bacon be?

Bacon is delicious. Unless you're a vegetarian (or a monster), we can all agree on that. But how cooked should bacon be? Should it be like an all-you-can-eat buffet, where it's floppy and chewy, or should it be basically burnt to a crisp? Twitter debate queen Chrissy Teigen expressed that she likes a medium-well bacon, with chewy crispy fat and crispy juicy meat. But like all celebrity social media, the debate got out of hand, devolving into whether or not we should even eat pigs - which is its own debate.

How do you take eggs out of the carton?

Twitter users have opinions on how to remove this breakfast staple from its container. Do you work from one side to the other? Do you grab equally from each side to keep the carton in balance or do you just grab whatever egg looks great? Yes, this is something people actually think about. As for us, as long as we're cooking up a delicious egg dish, we don't care where in the carton it comes from. All eggs taste the same.

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Everyone has their favorite pizza toppings. Some folks won't eat a slice without pepperoni, while others think that particular meat is too spicy. But no pizza topping has the internet quite as divided as pineapple. Some people think it's just fine when paired with ham, others need it on every single slice, and some people think pineapple on pizza is only for weirdos who don't understand the concept of dinner.

Does ranch belong on pizza?

Speaking of things that do or do not belong on pizza: Is ranch a suitable dipping sauce or drizzle on a pie? New Yorkers hate ranch on pizza more than any other food, while Midwesterners feel that dipping crust in a little cup of ranch is as close to heaven as we can get on Earth.


How should you eat pizza?

What does the way you eat pizza say about your personality? A lot, apparently. Some people insist on folding their slices, while others just dive right in. More unorthodox pizza eaters will go for a sideways slice or choose to eat their 'za with a fork and knife. If you really want to go nuts, you can dive into pizza crust-first.

Is deep dish a pizza or a casserole?

Pizza may just be the most debatable food out there. There are so many incredible pizzas across America, but some stoke controversy just by existing. Yes, we're talking about deep-dish pizza. Even the best deep-dish in the country is subject to scrutiny: Is a pizza that has a deep, thick crust actually a pizza pie or is it more like a casserole than a flatbread? New Yorkers and pizza purists will call it a casserole, while Chicagoans will defend this signature pie to the death.

Should you eat mac and cheese with a fork or spoon?

You're pretty much always going to eat a bowl of ice cream with a spoon, and attempting to eat a steak with a spoon would result in some level of madness. But some foods fall in the in between, like macaroni and cheese. In 2018, a survey done by mac and cheese producer Annie's, 71 percent of adults eat their macaroni with a fork, while 28 percent work with a spoon. But fork users must answer one looming question: What do you do with all the cheese sauce?

Does ketchup belong on a hot dog?

Chicagoans like a lot of things on their hot dogs. Mustards, onions, relish... all OK! Even more unorthodox toppings like pickles, hot peppers and celery salt are just fine in the Windy City. But ketchup? Never! In 2017, Heinz tried to market ketchup as "hot dog sauce" and sell it to Chicagoans, who were not buying it. But really, who is putting ketchup on hot dogs after age 12? Let's leave that sauce for the fries.

Are burgers and hot dogs sandwiches?

What you put on a hot dog isn't the only questionable thing about that ballpark classic. Here's a bar debate for the ages: Are hot dogs and burgers sandwiches? From a classification standpoint, yeah, they are. defines sandwiches as "two or more slices of bread or the like with a layer of meat, fish, cheese, etc., between each pair." Fair enough, at least when it comes to burgers. Hot dogs, however, are more akin to a sub sandwich, a.k.a. a hero. Speaking of which...

Is it a sub, hoagie or hero?

There are a lot of regional food names around America, few of which cause the confusion and commotion of sub vs. hero vs. hoagie. Those long sandwiches with various meats, cheeses and peppers are a great lunch but are known by many names. Beyond sub, hoagie and hero, this food item also goes by grinders, wedges and zeps, among other names. And don't even get us started on pop vs. soda!

What do you call the end slice on a loaf of bread?

If you're eating the butt of a loaf of bread, don't be alarmed. That's just the end piece. You know the one, with all the extra crust? This starter and final end slice is the cause of much discussion, and like a long sandwich, it goes by many names. According to Twitter, this piece of bread goes by butt, knob, heel, outside and so, so many other names.

How do you pronounce caramel?

"Care-uh-mel" or "Car-mel?" This sweet, sticky treat should be easy enough to pronounce (unless you have a mouthful of it), but there's plenty of regional debate across America. The Western half of the country pronounces caramel with two syllables, completely ignoring that second "a." Meanwhile, Southerners and New Englanders embrace that second vowel and spread this candy out to three syllables.

In-n-Out or Shake Shack?

Regional food debates aren't just limited to what to call something or how to pronounce it. It's also about cheeseburgers. So, what's best: In-n-Out or Shake Shack? While a handful of cities have both, In-n-Out is constrained to the West Coast and Texas, and Shake Shack is an East Coast establishment (though it's rapidly expanding). Both spots have budget-friendly burgers with special sauces and fries and milkshakes with cult followings. Why can't these burger chains get along? And even better, why can't these regional chains go national?

Where do you put the cheese on a burger?

At its core, a cheeseburger has cheese, a patty and two buns. It should be simple! But, like anything, it is not. Where does the cheese go on said burger? Google sparked this particular food debate when they launched their burger emoji with the cheese on the bottom. Yes, it went bottom bun, cheese, patty, toppings then top bun. Madness! Everyone knows the cheese goes between the patty and the top bun, right? Apparently not. Cheese-on-the-bottom fans claim that keeping this portion of their burger where it is helps to keep the patty's juices from leaking to the bottom of the bun. Others, rightfully, insist this is crazy and that is lettuce's job.

Should chili have beans?

If you ask a Texan, beans have no business with chili. And many of the best chili spots in the country fall in line to that. Other chili fans, however, feel like this classic game day dish is nothing without the added texture and flavor of a nice, red kidney bean.

How do you slice bagels?

Up until very recently, the world thought it knew everything there was to know about how to eat bagels. You take the bagel, slice it in half, maybe toast it, then add your desired toppings and eat. Enter the city of St. Louis, where, for years, people have been slicing their bagels like a normal loaf of bread. This results in biscotti-shaped pieces of bagel that truly confound people outside of Missouri. Proponents of the "bread-sliced" bagel claim that it allows for maximum amounts of cream cheese per bagel, which, we have to admit is fair.

Did millennials ruin everything?

Millennials love to debate food, but apparently this generation also likes to ruin food. American cheese. Casual chain restaurant dining. Mayonnaise. If the news reports are to be believed, people born between 1981 and 1996 are destroying all of these things. Is everyone just realizing cheddar is better than a cheese-like product or did millennials really kill all these popular food items?

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